Thursday, April 1, 2010

Won't You Die For Me?

It is holy week, and due to my incredibly busy Easter schedule, I am writing my Easter post today. This week in the Christian religion celebrates and remembers Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem, his "conviction" and sentencing, beating and crucifixion, triumph over death, and ascent to heaven. It is arguably the most meaningful time of the year for Christians, thus the name "Holy Week".

Holy week began with Palm Sunday when Jesus rode into Jerusalem to the shouts and praises of many believing he was about to conquer the Roman empire. If you have never seen Jesus Christ: Superstar, I would highly recommend it, especially for this scene. As the crowd sings "Hosanna" with praises, their song changes from "Hey J.C., J.C., won't you smile at me"... to "won't you fight for me", and ultimately to "won't you DIE for me". It's an incredibly powerful scene that we get to see in Jesus' mind: while the crowds are actually shouting praises, He knows the events that are to come.

Then in some denominations, Maundy Thursday is set apart and celebrated. This includes the Last Supper between Jesus and his Disciples as well as the betrayal and arresting of Jesus. Followed by Good Friday, these two days account for probably the most difficult in Jesus' earthly life. Good Friday is the crucifixion and ultimate death of Jesus. It is a somber reminder of what Jesus sacrificed for the world.

Of course Easter Sunday is the celebration of His defeat of death, his victory over hell. As you enter the next few days during this Holy Week, I would challenge you to ponder these thoughts and questions:

What does Jesus' death and resurrection mean for mankind?

What does the cross represent to you?

Who would you be in biblical times? A Taxpayer? Pharisee? Disciple? Bystander? Betrayer?

The very people who were celebrating Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem were responsible for his crucifixion. They turned on him because his ultimate purpose did not fit with theirs. In your life, how have you turned from God because His ultimate purpose for you did not fit with what you thought it should be?

If you don't have church plans, or are just curious about this whole Easter thing, I would highly encourage you to attend one of Hope's seven Easter services. It's a great way to get started if you are searching for answers, and we always have hundreds of guests at our Easter services. Plus, I will be singing Revelation Song at all of them, so you'll at least have a familiar face in the crowd :) Check out for details and information on Saturday and Sunday service times, free breakfast and dinner, children's activities, and more. I hope you see you there.

He is Risen...He is Risen, Indeed!!


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