Monday, June 28, 2010

Let It Grow: Garden Update #4

I think this is update #4....I might be wrong, though. Anyway, my garden is....hilarious. I had no idea that each zucchini plant leaf would get larger than my face. Or that when they say plants "spread" and "vine" out, they actually grow these arm things and grab stuff with them. My cucumbers are like monsters, trying to choke out my peppers. I think I planted nine plants in an area where one or two should be. I guess you live and learn! I am using tomato cages to try and pursuade them to grow UP instead of OUT. We'll see how that goes.

The corn is up and getting tall. Everything is growing so well in all the rain and heat we've been having. I haven't watered anything in weeks since we have daily storms here! I can't wait until they actually start growing fruits and veggies!

My grandparents celebrated 60 years together last week. We traveled to Anamosa to celebrate and I showed my grandma, the gardener, photos of my jungle. She did find it a bit humerous, but I was glad to see my plants at least look like hers do, just more squished :)


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