Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The other day, Brady and I were at the mall. He is in a phase where he likes to hold my hand and run as out of control as possible, which he calls "fats" (he means FAST, but it sounds like fats). So we were running "fats" all the way down the center aisle of Jordan Creek. He particularly enjoys it when we both yell out that we are going "fats". Some people laugh, some people are probably annoyed, but overall it's really pretty harmless. At least he is holding my hand and not running half way down the length of the mall, turning around every few seconds to see me chasing him only to squeal and run faster, duck into a jewelry store, and cling to the leg of some poor guy looking at rings with his girlfriend....but that's a different story.

So there we were, doing our thing, when we came to the section where those back massager guys are. You know what I'm talking about: those guys who always try to get you to put your face in the chair hole for a few minutes so they can rub your back and make a few bucks. There was one young woman taking advantage of these services right as Brady and I whooshed by. At this moment, Brady chose to stop talking so the only thing you could hear was me randomly shouting "FATS". To a young woman. With her head down in a hole. Who was more than slightly overweight....

She kind of looked up at me, and I quickly proceeded to "tell" Brady we were running FAST, in hopes she would think I actually said FAST, and wasn't just giving her a run-by insult. I have no idea if she heard me, if it was coincidence she looked up as I said FATS, or if she got that I was running "fast" with my son; but I felt bad nonetheless! Mommies say the darndest things....


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