Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2011 Garden - Fail #1

I planted some seeds April 1st, and by April 10, a few rogue zucchini and summer squash plants were busting out of their tiny peet pods. So, I transplanted them. It was 80+ degrees out, I took everything out to the driveway, and began placing the plants in styrofoam cups. Just like last year, we rigged up a light under the workbench in the garage, and that is where all the seedlings will grow into big, strong plants before being moved to the garden.

BUT, it was so darn nice out, I thought it wouldn't hurt to leave them outside for just a BIT. True, they were really young plants, but it wasn't a big deal, right??

I probably should have thought about the wind. And the fact that even though the cups were all in a sturdy cardboard box, said wind was still quite, well....WINDY.

I finished my transplanting, I laid down on the drive to enjoy the sunshine, and gust of wind and all my hard work, all my little seedlings, were overturned and dumped over. MAJOR FAIL.

I think two of the six or so plants survived. I remember when I started planting the seeds thinking "gee, why do I really need to plant so many of each vegetable?" Well, I think I answered my own question: because of stupid, rookie mistakes I will inevitably make along the way.

So round two of the garden has begun....


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