Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Lots to catch up on! The 4th of July holiday weekend was terrific: we played Frisbee golf (Joel did, I pushed Brady in the stroller!), we watched fireworks, we ate, and we (mostly Joel again) stained the deck. Then, the 4th came….RAIN all day long. But that was ok since we ended up in the hospital that night. Yep, Joel has a reoccurring back injury that flares up every six months to a year, and all the Frisbee throwing, deck staining, and chair sitting caused a MAJOR spasm. He was on our floor for 10 hours on Sunday, face down, mostly unable to move. So finally in the evening he let me call an ambulance, and he spent the night and whole next day in the hospital until he could move enough to get home. After some intense pain medication, rest, and relaxation, he’s back to (mostly) normal. However, I think it would have been cheaper and quicker to hire someone to stain the deck! Hindsight, I tell ya…

Since this last bout landed him in the hospital, we are going ahead with x-rays and physical therapy to get his back strengthened and fixed. Working at a computer all day does nothing to help the situation, but he’s too young to be experiencing this kind of back trouble already. So, prayers for his strength and healing are appreciated!

Then, Thursday was my birthday. I turned the big 2-6, and while we didn’t do much on my actual birthday, Joel surprised me with a party the next day! It was great to have all of our family and good friends celebrate with me :) He also took my gigantic hint and got me Carrie Underwood concert tickets when she comes to town in December! I’m not much of a concert person because they are so dang expensive and it’s hard to find artists for whom I want to sit through an entire concert, but this was a no-brainer for me – LOVE HER!! I also got a variety of other fun kitchen, beauty, and garden gadgets from my family, which was awesome! My in-laws had a terrific idea to get us a fire ring for outside, but sadly we already got one a couple weeks ago :( So, I’m excited to return it and get a jewelry tree since my current box is full and overflowing onto my dresser!

Today is my three-year anniversary of being married to Joel. I was standing in the bathroom last night just thinking about how much longer it feels. So much has changed in just three short years: our house, our jobs (oh, the jobs and insurance!!), our baby who really isn’t a baby anymore, our figures (not really for the better, but we are working on that!), our travels, even the people we hang out with has changed.

I wonder what life will be like three more years from now: what we’ll be doing, where we’ll be working, how many kids we’ll have, where we will have traveled to, what new friends we will make…if anything is certain, it’s that a LOT can change in just three years!

Happy Anniversary to my best friend and husband: here’s to another year of great memories :)


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