Friday, July 16, 2010

Couch Potato

Ugh, the last couple weeks have been VERY bad for my marathon "training". I've been sitting on my butt, eating cake and ice cream, and just plain living lazy. I have run a few times, but nothing like I need to be, and all my healthy eating habits seem to have flown out the window. I blame my birthday, anniversary, and the rain!

So assuming I can get things back under control, I need some advice! So far I have not invested anything into this running thing, and I think it's time that I did. What is the best running attire to wear for distance runners? Now that I am getting used to the longer runs, I find that t-shirts don't breathe well. I like to have my chest and arms exposed to keep me cool. So do you distance junkies out there like to run in tanks, too?

More than the shirts, though, I am having trouble with the shorts. I don't know if I need tighter or looser shorts, but the ones I have currently cause (or don't prevent) MAJOR chaffing (sp?). Should I be getting tight spandex-y type things? Or those short, poufy ones? I really need advice on the shorts, people!

I have officially entered my first race: Lutheran Church of Hope's 5k which takes place the morning of Taste of Hope. That is in ONE WEEK. I know a 5k is really short, but still, the get-off-my-butt-and-back-to-running mentality really needs to kick in now. It should be a nice, easy way to get used to running with other people, in a "race", and test out my abilities on flat terrain. Wish me luck!

Three months to go and I'll be half-marathoning downtown....YIKES!!


Jess said...

A girl in my book club swears by the work out clothes from It's a little pricey but they do have a sale section. You can shop by "type" of workout. It looks like in the running section tighter clothes are the way to go!

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