Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What's Your Color?

Even though I say summer is my favorite season of the year, there are so many things I love about fall. A relief from the humidity, football, bonfires, smores, hayrack rides, pumpkin carving, jeans and long sleeves, blankets, hot chocolate, and of course the colors that comes with the season.

I have always loved the turning of the trees from vibrant green to varying shades of red, brown, yellow, and orange. I learned a few years ago in biology that these shades are actually the true colors of the leaves; something about chloroplasts or whatever mask the actual color of each leaf, making it green (sorry for the less-than-technical explanation!). Then when the season wears on, temperatures cool, and the life of the leaf is drawing to a close, its true color comes out, each one a different shade from the other.

I don't know about you, but I would much rather see trees full of vibrant color, each a little different, than a bunch of all-green leaves. I never notice trees in the summer, but when those colors start to turn I immediately see all of the life around me. It always makes me think about the masks we wear, especially while in school. We try so hard to be somebody's shade of green when it isn't our true color. We desperately want to blend in - to go unnoticed. But what a BORING world it would be if we all allowed our green masks to cover the vibrant color that makes each of us unique.

Next time you see a tree full of leaves that are "changing" color, remember those beautiful colors are exactly what God made them to be - and go be your own shade of vibrance in the world!


Jen said...

Like me! I like to be orange all the time :)

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