Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Would You Rather Wednesday

Welcome to the first edition of "Would You Rather" Wednesday.

This week's question: Being the age you currently are, if you were single would you rather date someone five years older or five years younger?

I think I'm finally to an acceptable age where I could say younger. I mean, if you are 20 and say younger, that's just gross. And where I would have always said older before, my mid-20's crisis has set in and I don't want anyone making me feel I guess younger it is. What do you think?


Jess said...

ooh good question! I think I would have to say older. although dating a 21 year old at times MIGHT be exciting I think I would be in a general state of annoyance at his immaturity :) Now a guy at 31 would (hopefully) have some direction in life, a house, money....okay maybe I'm thinking too much into this question :)

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