Thursday, November 3, 2011


So who was right? If you remember, Brady was pretty sold on the idea of the baby being a boy. In fact, he recently told me that if it was a "geal", that he wouldn't like the baby! Ahhh, the words of a two-year-old :)

Well I think everyone predicted a girl, even Joel and I! We were a little surprised on Wednesday when the technician turned to us and said, "Well, he's right....we have a boy here!" 

Brady, not so surprised, declared with a smirk, "I KNEW it was a boy....I told you...."

It's true, we would have loved to add a girl to the family, but are excited that Brady will have a little brother to harass and bully love and play with. And, needless to say, Brady is pretty excited! He also likes to point out the "wee-wee" on the ultrasound photos....oh dear.

We are currently in the midst of finishing our basement, which in a ranch home is quite an undertaking (more on that some other day), and while I had grand plans for a little girl nursery, it will be so much less stressful (and easier on the checkbook!) since we already have what we need for this little guy.

Most importantly, everything checked out normally, baby is growing perfectly, and, maybe not so important but still - I'm not yet a whale! :) Although Halloween candy might do me in.

Hopefully soon I will be getting to some posts on the basement project, the nursery, a garden recap, some pregnancy updates, and more....stay tuned!


kelsey williams said...

Brady will love a brother! Congrats!

aunt Dorthy said...

congratulation!!!! A boy will be perfect for the Marks boys. Somebody has to keep the name going.
Maybe next time you can have that princess instead of the prince.

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