Friday, January 27, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Week 33

It's been since, what, 18 weeks that I last gave an update? Geesh! Well, maybe no one really cares all that much, but one thing I wish I had done a better job of when I was pregnant with Brady is document my pregnancy. Mostly because in the 3 1/2 years that have passed, I have forgotten what aches, pains, highs, lows I had the first time around, so I find myself constantly wondering things like, "When did heartburn kick in? How much did I weigh at week "X"? When did my energy wane? When did I start sleeping poorly? When did the Braxton Hicks start?" You get the idea....

So, even though we have a mere seven (EEK!) weeks to go, I wanted to give an update, a photo, and plan to do so weekly from here on out.

The second trimester was basically uneventful, but did bring regular headaches, lightheadedness, and digestive woes. Thankfully I managed to get a control on the first two by not completely eliminating caffeine some days (doctor suggestion!) and by ensuring I regularly took my vitamins and consumed as much iron-rich food as possible. I passed my glucose screening (YUCK!), maintained healthy weight and blood pressure counts, and generally just had a boring time of it, thankfully!

The third trimester began with the new year, and despite it usually being the worst trimester, I found myself energized, productive, alert, and generally feeling great! Plus, the mild winter has been a bonus as I have no winter coat that fits me, and after my mom's spill on the ice last March, everyone in my family is extra-cautious of slippery surfaces! 

Cue week 33....

In a matter of a few days, I went from feeling big but good to exhausted, achy, emotional, non-productive, no energy, heartburn, infection, sleeplessness, crankiness, on and on and on. I'm a pleasure to be around, I'm just sure :)

I honestly feel like my body is wrapping up this pregnancy very soon, although I need to mentally continue to plan for another late arrival. Braxton Hicks started at week 31, and while they were annoying and regular in the evenings, they weren't bad. This past week the accompanying cramping has been so bad I have woken from a sound sleep and even started timing them one evening thinking they were progressing. It's so weird how regular and strong they are, and yet....nothing. It could be a LONG 7 weeks at this rate!

Baby is over 4 pounds now, and after this week, his lungs are basically mature. We FINALLY have his room set up, thanks to the help of my parents, and even though basement progress is slower than we'd like, we at least don't have to bring him home to a room that looked like it belongs on "Hoarders."

I asked this question on Facebook, and I think we know what we are going to do, but I thought I'd post it here, too: Assuming the pregnancy remains uncomplicated, would you rather deliver at downtown Mercy hospital which is over-crowded but fully equipped with a NICU, or deliver at Mercy West where you are basically the only patient but has no NICU? I know, I haven't presented all information in this question, as both have distinct advantages/disadvantages, but it's good to get opinions in case someone shares something we haven't thought about yet!


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