Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Week 34 + WYRW Revival

The weeks are starting to drag along now that sleep is elusive, back and contraction pain is frequent, and a million other "woes" have set in. At my latest appointment, everything looked and sounded great. Baby seems to be head down, so that's a plus! I'm still trying to mentally prepare for a 40-41 week pregnancy, but I still feel like this little guy is coming early. Of course, I thought that with Brady, too....and that went well.

Fuzzy camera photo! Getting ready for Joel's fancy company party.

Same ensemble as last post? Yep - company parties two weekends in a row!

On another note, I've decided to revive WOULD YOU RATHER WEDNESDAYS! To start things off, I have a couple "Would you rathers" and can't wait to hear your thoughts on some of these things :)

WYRW #1: Sticking with the pregnancy theme of the post, would you rather have all girls, all boys, or a mix?
I would definitely love to have both genders someday, but I do think it might be easier/saner to raise all boys if I had to choose. And, well, so far so good there :)

WYRW #2:  To acknowledge the political season that is upon us, would you rather vote for a president who has poor leadership qualities but good vision, or a candidate who fires up the call for change but doesn't really have a plan for how to follow through with that vision.
I think far too many of us are voting for the "cool" guy these days. We want someone relatable and likeable, and even charming or witty, but at the end of the day none of that really matters as much as having a plan of action that is executable. I have no idea who can provide that....


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