Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Week 35 + WYRW

Whew, what a long week it's been. The first time the weather decided to dump any kind of measurable snow this entire season was before and during my Pampered Chef brunch on Saturday - lovely, eh? I've battled extreme backaches most days, and even though I've done well so far, I managed to gain more weight than I cared to. I think the swelling has started, and I wake up every morning with ribs that feel like they are broken they are so painful. Well ok, I don't actually know what a broken rib feels like, but the sharp pains and aching is no picnic. Thankfully once I stretch out and stand up, it starts to lessen....

Speaking of sharp pains, I don't recall having this with Brady, but I have heard about it. When the baby sits just right, usually when I'm standing, I get this sharp pain down my right leg. I don't know who this alien baby is, but he won't stop moving!

I don't mean to gripe, and I'm sure I'm just painting a lovely picture of pregnancy :) I just feel like this baby is full size and out of room can we have five (or more) weeks to go?! And yet, I need those weeks....the nursery isn't decorated, birth plan isn't finalized, pre-registration has yet to be sent to the hospital, baby book hasn't been purchased, hospital bags aren't packed, etc. etc. Yikes! I guess I better be off to do something productive.

As for Would You Rather Wednesday: Would you rather be caught in ice, snow, wind, or rain?
I think I'd have to say rain, if it's a warm rain! Ice is dangerous (right, mom?) and cold, snow is cold and can be dirty/slushy/messy, and wind just messes up my hair on the rare occasion I wear it down. If I'm driving, though, I actually like to drive in the snow!


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