Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Music Countdown, Day 11-14

More catchup on the Countdown! Here are days 11-14!

JTR – Dave Matthews Band, live at Folsom Field
You don’t have to like Dave, but you can’t deny this band is insanely talented. Their live shows blow me out of the water. This song in particular blows me away – once you get to the instrumental part, you’ll see what I mean. Carter is a beast on the drums – and who Brady is aspiring to be someday :)

And So It Goes – Billy Joel
Just a beautifully-written song. Sung by David Archuleta of American Idol a few years ago.

All I Wanted – Paramore
I couldn’t really choose just one Paramore song, but I’m really in the mood for this rock vibe right now, so this song wins. Other favorites are Turn It Off and My Heart. A great example of young musicians who really get music. So sad to hear they are breaking up :(

Iris – Goo Goo Dolls
This song is so interesting to me. So many time signature changes, interesting guitar tuning, it's just simple and complex at the same time which I love. And the lyrics are great, too! This live version in the rain is amazing!


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