Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Music Countdown, Final Day

The last day of 2010 - what did this year bring for you? How do you want 2011 to be the same? Different? If you had a great year, I hope 2011 brings more joy and happiness your way. If 2010 wasn't so great, I hope 2011 is filled with moving forward and many new beginnings for you. To ring OUT the last year, here's one of my favorite songs, which in it's own right is amazing. This Sing Off Acapella version is outstanding as well. If you don't know the lyrics to this song, Google them. And if you are wishing for a better 2011, this song is my hope for you. Happy New Year, and goodbye 2010.

Fix You - Coldplay, as sung on The Sing Off


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