Friday, December 10, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho: Part Three

This post is a follow-up to Ho, Ho, Ho: Part One and Ho, Ho, Ho: Part Two.

I have to wonder why are some families so quick and ready to embrace the tradition of Santa, yet unwilling to live in the faith of Jesus Christ? How is it any scarier to believe in Santa, who clearly does not exist, than to believe in Jesus, who has been proven to at least have existed? Why would anyone want their children to believe in something that ultimately doesn’t exist and not want them to experience faith in one who does? I honestly think anyone who can allow their children to believe in Santa, even the most stubborn atheist, in their hearts are longing to believe in a Santa that does truly exist.

I think these people should look at the parallels between Jesus and Santa. Both are believed in all over the world; both have a small group of close followers who are present wherever they go (Disciples/Reindeer); both have the ability to know your thoughts and actions without being present; both require faith in the unseen; both have beards (at least our perception of them does!), both spread joy; and both are celebrated at Christmas time. Seems to me that whoever “invented” the idea of Santa was perhaps taking the idea of Jesus, dressing him up in a fat suit, and stuffing him down chimneys and into our homes.

I know a lot of Christians who debate whether or not their children will or won’t believe in Santa. My children will definitely celebrate the tradition of Santa. But more importantly, I will use that belief, that faith, to help them form and understand what faith in Jesus looks like. They will know the true meaning of Christmas, and when the time comes, their faith in Santa, I believe, will help solidify their faith in Jesus Christ.


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